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Chiang Wei-Shui's Cultural Foundation
Recording date - 10.12.2008
Releasing date - 10.17.2008
Taipei, Taiwan

Mendelssohn Piano Trio

Ya-Ting Chang, piano
Peter Sirotin, violin
Fiona Thompson, cello


Ching-ju Shih (1967- )
Piano Trio, Ode to Life - for my motherland, Taiwan (2008)

Fantasia Taiwan for violin and piano

Chia-chu Ho
My final resting place for piano trio

Ode to Life - to my motherland, Taiwan by Ching-ju Shih
This piece contains four movements reflecting whispering of the nature: water, beast, tree and the land respectively. Instead of picturising the four natural scenes, the intention of Ode to Life is to express the metaphor in the natural phenomena, to go beyond humans' limited imagination, searching for the wordless voices in the profound nature.

Fantasia Taiwan by Ching-ju Shih
The motivation of writing Fantasia Taiwan is derived from an antique Taiwan map. It is a landscape view of Taiwan. The island of Taiwan is in the center of the map, surrounded by ocean and other continents. Compared with other portion in the map, the island looks relatively small. The opening theme, presenting hope and glory, reflects my first feeling toward this unique map. A tender love theme comes in the middle part of the music as a contrast to the opening gesture.

My Final Resting Place by Chia-chu Ho
Since its creation about a year ago, "My final resting place" chorus has met affirmative acceptance to some extent despite being a new original. Not familiarized like popular ballads, the piano trio does not have too much variation lest the impression of original be blurred. On the other hand, with the performers of international reputation, I also wish it being a creation of deep artistry and emotion, out of my admiration of Dr. Mackay's poem:

    My heart's ties to Taiwan cannot be severed!
    To that island I devote my life and there I find my job.
    I'd like to find a final resting place within sound of its surf
    And under the shade of its waving bamboo.

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